Pricing Info

Free service call with repairBefore committing to appliance repair service, most folks want to have some idea what to expect when it comes to pricing. Our initial service call fee is $59.95 — this fee includes our trip charge and diagnostic fee. When you choose to repair with our company, the service call is waived and we calculate the job fee for your repair.

Our company uses the Major Appliance Service Pricing Guide (MASPG) to calculate labor rates by the job, depending on the brand of your appliance and the repair needed to bring it back into proper operation. This is a standardized pricing guide for the appliance repair industry, which we use to ensure that our repair pricing is fair and consistent. This pricing structure also ensures you are never charged more when repairs take longer than expected.

No extra fees for weekend / evening service.

Ballpark estimates:

We do our best to provide ballpark estimates / pricing expectations whenever we can. However, we ask our customers to understand that this is not always possible when a problem you are experiencing may be caused by multiple underlying issues. For example, most refrigerator cooling problems can be repaired with relative ease. However, the worst case scenario (which is uncommon, but possible) is a failing / damaged compressor, for which the repair cost often approaches the cost of purchasing a new refrigerator.

The “fine print”:

  • +$30 to service call for commercial locations.
  • +$50 to service call for holiday / emergency service. This includes any appointment scheduled on Sunday, between the hours of 8pm – 8am, or on federally-observed US holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  • We cover parking fees up to $10. Please let us know if parking is limited at your location.

Have a question about our pricing that we didn’t answer here? Give us a call at (941) 866-6780 or e-mail us!